Health & Safety issue, Used drug needles Shorrock Street Southport

Blood stained rags and hypodermic needles are being strewn and abandoned across Shorrock Street Southport.

Near to Cambridge Walks there is a build up of not just rubbish but dangerous drug paraphernalia which is being dumped seemingly out of sight by the town’s notorious methadone addicts.

To add to the gruesome collection, blood soaked rags are being dumped in the street too while the council appear to show little regard to sorting it out.

Nearby shop owners have complained numerous times but have been met with a stoned wall of silence and no action whatsoever.

One nearby shop owner said: ”Junkies are also using this place to shoot up in during the day and also at night” “They get their fix then just throw their used needles on the ground with no consideration for others”

“We have complained to Sefton Council about this issue but this has fallen on deaf ears.”


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