Has Southport man discovered world’s largest chicken nugget?

9th September 2020

A hungry Southport worker believes he has been given the world’s largest McDonalds Chicken Nugget for dinner.

Peckish punter Phil Walker was tucking into a box of 20 chicken nuggets this evening when he was pleasantly stunned to discovered a rogue mammoth chicken nugget in his box.

An excited Phil took a photo of the massive nugget compared to a normal nugget and sent the photo to OTS News.

He added “I’m a big fan of a shared box of chicken nuggets but I’ve never seen one like this.

“I picked it up without realising at first and nearly ate it but I did a double take.

“I showed my wife but she wasn’t bothered and said I was an idiot. But I genuinely think this is the biggest accidental chicken nugget ever.”