People should be allowed to use their own loaf instead of being told by interfering EU officials how to make toast, said MEP Louise Bours.

“If folk prefer their toast on the well done side and like a crunch in their roasties that’s surely up to them,” she said.

Her remarks follow a warning from the European Food Safety Authority that toast should only be eaten when it’s a light yellow colour and dark crispy roast potatoes and jacket potatoes should be ditched in favour of boiled, steamed or sautéed spuds.

“Their advice, which also picks on well done chips and crisps, has been issued to highlight the dangers of the chemical acrylamide. This is formed in starchy foods cooked at high temperatures.

“This is not a new discovery and it has been linked for years with an increased risk of cancer but Cancer Research UK points out while it causes cancer in mice and rats there isn’t good evidence of a link with people.

“But EU officials like to take every opportunity they can, regardless of the strength of evidence, to mollycoddle us in this increasing nanny state,” said Ms Bours,  Euro-MP for the North West and UKIP health spokesman.

“Brussels currently has about 30 electrical items in its sights to restrict their wattage to save energy. In a double whammy no doubt high power toasters will be specially high on the list as we obviously can’t be trusted not to burn the toast while burning the power.

“Another day, another EU edict, there seems to be no corner of our every day life they won’t stick their interfering nose in. I appreciate this latest is advice not instruction but every time they tell us what we should be doing people listen less,” she added.
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