A Halsall teenager left his home in Halsall to travel to Southport on the 300 Arriva bus that arrives between the hour and 20 minutes past depending on the traffic on the A5147
The resident was accompanied by 3 friends. After waiting 20 minutes to their amazement the bus at 2.22pm  went right past the bus stop with out stopping.
By the way this is not the first time this sort of thing has happened.
Many stories have appeared on OTS News concerning busses just driving past buss stops in the area.
The teenager then phoned his father who was in Southport and suggested he would meet the bus as it arrived in Southport and ask the reason why the bus did not stop.
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When the bus arrived the father asked the passengers who were getting off had they noticed the event. They all did. Two men stated that the bus also went past another stop where an old lady was waiting. The two men did not mind being quoted and also did not mind their photograph being taken.
The father then asked the driver why he did not stop. The driver was very aggressive and refused to comment.
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An isolated case like this may seem irrelevant but over the last month Areriva has terminated the 300 bus from calling at Shirdley Hill and is also ceasing  calling at the village of Haskayne.
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When you live in a village a bus service is so important.
I wonder what the share holders think?
Look forward to your comments
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