Onthespot recently chatted to a few Haig Avenue residents and asked them what they thought of his ban from Southport Football Club.

One of the residents backing OTS is Dina Johnson. Dinah kindly let Onthespot on her property to take photos of the Steven Gerrard adidas photo shoot which he was banned for.

Dina is shocked by the club’s decision and she said Onthespot will be welcome back on her property any time he likes to take photos.

Eileen Howard (pictured above with her late husband Harry) is another resident supporting Onthespot. Eileen is a respected person in local football as the Craven Minor league secretary. She lives in one of the houses opposite the road from the ground and is a SFC season ticket holder.

Eileen said the club is out of order. She said that no one from SFC had the decency to warn her about the disruption outside her house on the day of the photo shoot. 

Onthespot said: I would like to thank each and every one of these residents for speaking their minds on this ludicrous punishment dished out by Charlie Clapham and the board of dictators at Southport Football Club. I shall continue to gather support until this ban is overturned.

Why did they single out OTS in the first place?