Guide to Labelling for Lasting Impact

4th March 2024

Labels do much more than just identify; they capture your brand’s core, particularly when your products face the tests of outdoor exposure or the demanding settings of workplaces, including outdoors, kitchens, bathrooms, or spas. In these situations, the need for durable labels is key, guaranteeing that your label stays vivid and legible, even in the face of tough environmental challenges. After all, what value does a label have if it’s been destroyed by the elements?

Material Selection for Aesthetic Consistency

Selecting the right, durable material for outdoor labels is paramount, balancing aesthetic allure and resilience against environmental challenges. There are two main material options for you to choose from:

  • Paper Labels (Glossy or waterproof alternatives): Paper labels serve as a traditional choice for a broad spectrum of product branding, seamlessly blending with everything from the earthy charm of artisanal products like jam jars to the clean lines of luxury goods like cosmetics. In a leap forward, the printing industry has overcome paper’s inherent susceptibility to moisture, through the introduction of glossy paper options has revolutionised the durability of standard paper labels. These labels withstand moisture exposure, but only to a certain extent. If you require something tougher, the laminated vinyl would be a perfect choice, but for brands looking for an economical option for high-volume products or those that undergo frequent updates, glossy paper labels emerge as the budget-friendly choice.
  • Laminated vinyl labels: Are at the forefront of label technology, combining durability with a clean, professional appearance. Ideal for situations where labels need to be cleaned or are exposed to harsh conditions, laminated labels boast scratch and scuff resistance, ensuring your design remains intact for years, even outdoors. The lamination process layers materials to enhance desired properties, such as durability and clarity, making these labels suitable for a wide range of applications. The initial cost might be higher compared to paper labels, but the extended lifespan of laminated vinyl can result in lower replacement costs over time.

Laminated Vinyl’s Finishes

Laminated vinyl doesn’t just stop at offering durability; it also presents an array of finishes to elevate your product’s aesthetic and tactile experience:

  • White Gloss: For a sleek, shiny finish that catches the eye and enhances colour vibrancy.
  • White Matt: Offers a subtle and elegant appeal, reducing glare and providing a soft texture.
  • Clear Gloss: Perfect for a “no-label” look, this finish allows your product to shine while offering protection.
  • Clear Matt: Gives a frosted appearance, providing readability and a unique visual effect without overpowering the product’s design. Unlike glossy vinyl, which has a shiny surface, matte vinyl diffuses light, reducing glare and giving the material a smooth, soft look. 

Each finish serves a distinct purpose, enabling brands to customise and personalise their labels to align with their identity and consumer expectations.


Adhesive Options for Optimal Stickiness

The choice of adhesive is crucial, determining the label’s resilience through various product lifecycles and environmental exposures:

  • Removable Adhesives: Ideal for products that require label updates or temporary promotions, these adhesives ensure the label stays in place yet can be removed cleanly without residue.
  • Permanent Adhesives: The go-to for most applications, offering a strong bond that withstands environmental challenges and ensures your label stays affixed, preserving your brand message.
  • Extra-Permanent Adhesives: For extreme conditions or rough surfaces, the high-tack adhesive provides an unyielding grip, ensuring the labels stay stuck, even in harsh conditions.

As we tie everything up, picking the perfect label is more than just slapping a sticker on your product; it’s about making a statement. If you’re leaning towards the budget-friendly glossy paper labels for stuff that stays indoors, or going all out with laminated vinyl labels for adventure-ready items, it’s all about what your brand stands up for. From the cool gloss of white to the super-sticky extra-permanent adhesives, every choice you make tells a part of your brand’s story. Thinking about where your product will go and what it will face is key. Making the right pick means your label isn’t just seen; it sticks around, telling your brand’s tale through thick and thin. So, choose with care.