Gritters ‘nowhere to be seen’ as town turns into ice rink

14th December 2022

Southport has turned into a frozen ice rink with dozens of people saying more needs to be done to grit the roads and pavements in the town.

The council have told OTS News that just six pavements are gritted, while most residential and side roads are left untreated.

Many complain to have come from outside schools, with Sunny Road in Churchtown being designated ‘treacherous’ by worried parents and pupils.

One mum said “Pavement grit would be a great idea especially when taking the kids to school.

“Sunny Road in Churchtown is treacherous both on foot and on the road. The council need to stop being tight and get their grit out!”

Only Lord Street, Chapel Street, Eastbank Street Scarisbrick Ave and Nevill Street are gritted.

Nearly all residential roads are left untreated with only the main bus routes being salted.

Other residents have claimed they haven’t seen a single gritting van and don’t believe any treatment has taken place.

A spokesperson for Sefton Council said:

“Since Friday (9th December), gritting has been carried out on over 2,000 miles of roads in Sefton, as well as footways in key town centres.

“The spreading of grit or salt to help prevent the build-up of ice usually takes place in the late evening or early hours of the morning when most people are at home although treatment can happen at any of day it is needed.

“The weather situation is monitored 24 hours a day and once we become aware of potentially freezing conditions, our contractors are immediately mobilised to begin a carriageway treatment process.

“As with previous winters, Sefton Council is treating more than 290 miles of the busiest roads and most-used footpaths throughout the Borough.

“In the last five days contractors have been dispatched seven times to treat roads and pavements in Sefton.

“However, in extended periods of sub-zero temperatures or heavy snowfall, the effectiveness of gritting can be partially diminished.

“Grit also works most effectively in conjunction with significant volumes of traffic with busier roads tending to clearer more quickly than those roads used by less traffic.

“Temperatures are likely to be below zero for the remainder of this week and Sefton Council will continue to treat the roads as required.”

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