Girls warned after ‘stranger danger’ man follows youngsters

9th November 2020

Girls and young females in Southport are being warned after a series of encounters involving a male intimidating and following women through Southport.

In one incident, understood to have happened at the Tesco Express on Preston New Road, a young woman was followed in and out of the store by a male who became highly intimidating and threatening towards her.

The woman, who OTS have chosen not to ofentify, said “been followed by some man, he was walking infront of me at first on the other side of the road then I noticed him slowing down almost stopping and kept looking over at me then he crossed over the road to get behind me, so I crossed over to the other side of the road and I started walking faster.

“then he crossed over again a second time except the second time he crossed over he jogged a bit to catch up with me then next thing I turn around he’s walking right behind me literally about 5cm away from me.. he then followed me into tesco and stood right behind me so he was next after me in the queuez

“after I got served on my way out I heard him ask for apple jack daniels then when the girl behind the till tried to give him other options because they didn’t have that in stock he walked off before she got chance to finish saying what else was in stock and followed me outz

“I had to run to get around corners so I could hide, he was wearing grey joggers, a bright blue raincoat kind of like a north face style, hood up and a black mask on, I’d say he looked about 25-30 years old.

“Girls please just be careful, please do not go out alone especially late at night, I won’t be able to live with myself if I hear a story a girl has been hurt by someone of the same description.”