Residents in the upmarket Cambridge Road area of Southport are becoming increasingly angry at a growing number of sink holes appearing around their homes.

Local councillor Pat Keith has been called in as a result of the growing issue and says she has since raised the problem with Sefton’s Highways Department.

“At the latest count we have dangerous holes in Cambridge Road, Hesketh Road and Park Avenue and residents have expressed their concern at the dangers these holes present,” said Councillor Keith.

“I have contacted the Highways Department to raise the issues with them and make them aware of the problem and I understand that there is a probability that a section of Cambridge Road, between Hesketh Road and HeskethPark, will have to be closed while repairs are underway.

“ This section was closed only recently for work to be carried out and residents in Hesketh Road are expressing grave concerns to me about the impact on their road caused by Cambridge Road closures and subsequent diversions.”

Karen Gianelli, a Hesketh Road resident, said: “ I am very concerned about the deteriorating state of Hesketh Road and its proposed use for a THIRD time as a diversion route for Cambridge Rd. Earlier this year there was a dip in the road surface which I reported.

“ Highways maintenance came and just filled the dip with tarmac to level it out , despite it being obvious that there was a more serious problem beneath. As a result of this extra weight, the surface collapsed forming a hollow cavity of at least a cubic foot.

“ My neighbour saw this and placed his golf trolley, with high visibility jacket, over the hole,to prevent what could have been a nasty accident. He also informed the police and a barrier was subsequently placed around it.

“That was weeks ago and nothing has been done, despite the road  being re-dressed around the hole! Hesketh Road is a residential road not designed for the frequent passage of HGVs and double deckerbuses as well as ordinary traffic.

“If this situation is repeated, further damage is inevitable with risk of a serious accident should the road surface subside again.” 

Another Cambridge Ward Councillor, Leo Evans said : “ The fact that three busy roads in this ward have dangerous holes is quite rightly worrying residents, especially as it seems the surfaces are  being treated with inappropriate, short term dressings. They need permanent repair.”

Following Councillor Keith’s intervention Sefton Council have informed her that an urgent survey will be carried out on Cambridge Road to ascertain what has caused the surface collapse.

“ I’m glad they are taking this action and I sincerely hope they will do the same with the dangerous holes in Park Avenue and HeskethRoad, “ said Councillor Keith .