As many people in Southport now know, Ainsdale’s lovely little George Drive woodland is under serious threat of destruction.

Over the past 12 months or so many articles have appeared on OTS News concerning this disgusting situation. The last one explained how councillors in Bootle Town Hall recently voted for total woodland destruction, regardless of many vital reasons why the woods should not be axed.

Bootle Committee vote in favour of appalling Ainsdale woodland destruction

Sefton’s confusing message to young people

Back in 2013, Jason Regan, along with his sister, gained the prestigious Eco- Champion Award off Sefton Council. The pair had spent 9 tough months as volunteers working in another woodland behind Sandbrook Road.

Above: planting many new trees in 2013 on Council land in all weathers…

Above: the pair receiving the Sefton Eco – Award from the Mayor in 2013.

Like many Ainsdale youngsters, Jason is now unable to understand why Sefton Council can pretend to promote eco-awareness, whilst also dismissing a wildlife haven like George Drive woodlands so readily.

This heartless council are allowing woodlands to be axed for a handful of ‘crammed in’ properties that they have admitted will only provide a ‘modest contribution’ to housing needs in a totally unsuitable area.

The Council even ignored opposition from their own Tree Department regarding this plan. They have also dismissed a petition of over 400 names against the plan.

The woods are full of wildlife with hedgehogs, foxes, water voles and bats etc, yet One Vision Housing are eagerly awaiting to send in the chain saws after being granted permission from this harsh council.

For wildlife this will be wholesale destruction and a significant CRIME AGAINST NATURE!

How many UK wildlife laws will this unnecessary ecological destruction breach?

Residents are fuming and when we took a short impromptu video clip, people came out of their houses in support and to express utter disgust at One Vision Housing and the Council! One man defiantly waved and shouted to us ….”Save our woods”!

Calls have been made for leading environmental groups to get on board.

We may all regret animal cruelty abroad and loss in the Amazonian rain forests but where exactly are the larger eco-campaigning organisations today, when it comes to our native UK countryside under threat?

Countless Southport people are devastated by this appalling news.

The dismissive Sefton authority has made a potentially illegal and outrageous decision, which will affect the lives of a whole community. One way or another the Council seriously needs to pull out a U-Turn.

Pat Regan © 

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