The day that Ainsdale said “No” to One Vision Housing (OVH) countryside wreckers…

Today, our small army of protesters with councillors Lynne Thompson and Fred Weavers halted One Vision Housing in their tracks.

OVH had planned to erect fencing to seal off the woodland before felling trees. Protesters however blocked the road and reminded Bootle-based OVH that they would be breaking wildlife laws if they axed the woods during nesting season.

Protesters, Pat Regan and Colin explained to police officers that OVH would be breaking the law if they felled trees with so many chicks currently in the woodland. Therefore, authorities are well aware of the ecological situation and that they MUST NOT break the law.

High in the trees, a sparrowhawk’s nest.

Ugly scenes at one stage as a protester was threatened and sworn at by an abusive Sovini/OVH driver. Several witnesses saw this event.

Stand off with ill-informed officials and workers…

In effect, today our protest halted a potential crime against nature. The battle continues…

Police advised that OVH could ‘not’ put fencing up due to the birds nesting…

None shall pass!

Clearly OVH and the Council are playing dirty little games not only with wildlife, but also with good Southport people who are largely on a low-income bracket.

We need more helpers, so jump onboard and join the battle to save the woodlands today.

People Power works!

Above: OVH officials behind the hated woodland plan- unavailable for comment!

More on the fight against OVH and Sefton Council soon….

Pat Regan ©

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