Galloway’s Society for the Blind is supporting National Eye Health Week from 16th – 22nd September and launching its campaign urging people to ‘Look After Your Eyes’.

The local charity, based on Wright Street in Southport, but which also has centres in Morecambe, Penwortham and Chorley, is taking to the streets with a simple message aimed at preventing sight loss – book an eye test.

Stuart Clayton, Chief Executive of Galloway’s said, “Over 50% of sight loss could be prevented and we are urging everyone to make sure they have regular eye tests.

Many people think that an eye test is just about checking whether your vision needs correcting but there are other important reasons to have a regular eye test. It is a vital check on the health of the eyes and includes the detection of eye conditions. Many of these, if found early, can be treated successfully, avoiding potential sight loss.

An eye test can also detect other health conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes. We need people to look after their eyes and book an eye test – now!”

Galloway’s will be out and about during National Eye Health Week asking people to sign a pledge to have an eye test soon. ASDA, Boots, Tesco and Specsavers are just a few of the stores in Southport supporting the campaign, and leaflets about how you can look after your eyes can be picked up from in store or from the Atkinson all week. You can also go online to make your pledge by visiting Galloway’s Facebook page and Twitter.
For more information about the campaign, or to find out where we will be based throughout the week please contact Galloway’s on 01704 809109.

Photo above: Stuart Clayton, Chief Executive of Galloway’s Society for the Blind, promises to look after his eyes and get regular eye tests. With mascot, Foxley.