Furious residents tell council to save tree and ruin highway

Furious Lulworth Road residents are begging Sefton Council not to cut down a much loved tree on the leafy road.

The tree has been monitored over months and tree specialists have seen that it’s roots are now too big for the road meaning it will now be cut down later this month.

But angry residents who have lived in the shadow of the tree for years say it looks perfectly fine to them and it should stay.

One elderly woman said “I used to work in a garden centre and I know plants and this tree looks fine to me. How can it be removed when it’s got leaves on it?

“It’s a tree, it will grow and it gives us oxygen so we need to keep it. The highway is no important but our trees are.”

Sefton Council likes to shout about climate change and the need to be ecologically-minded and ever so green.

However, Sefton showed their true agenda before when they handed over Ainsdale’s George Drive Kitty’s woodland (pictured above before it was removed) to developers in 2017 for destruction.


Labour councillors in Bootle voted in force to permit the destruction of this lovely woodland that was rich in wildlife.