Fun ways to celebrate mardi gras

11th April 2022

Mardi Gras is an important festival in Sydney. This festival, which includes a carnival, feasting, fasching and Fat Tuesday, is an opportunity to celebrate the somber season of Lent for most Christians.


Irrespective of traditions and beliefs there are different ways to celebrate mardi gras. Let’s look at some fun ways you can celebrate this year’s Mardi Gras


Go to the Mardi gras event

This year Mardi Gras will be much fun when you go to the mardi gras even around you. Either in New Orleans, Sydney or other major cities, there will be a major gathering of people to celebrate the mardi gras event.


You can have fun with people who have similar beliefs and traditions and enjoy yourself. Mardi gras provides an avenue to network yourself with your loved ones.


Dress up

To have fun at the mardi gras event, you need to wear many colorful dressings to enjoy yourself. Popular colors to dress up for this event are Gold, purple, orange, blue and green.


This celebration is the perfect time to break out the costumes and jewelry you love over the years. Don’t be worried about too much coloring, because it’s the Mardi Gras and no such thing as too bright. A popular trend is to use your related gender or sexuality expression through using a flag as a cape. For example if you were bisexual, you could use a bi flag as a cape.


If your lover has diverse jewelry and clothes collections, take time to put them on and listen to stories.


Create a unique mask

To have fun at the mardi gras event, try to make a mask you like. Masking is a common tradition of this event, therefore people irrespective of their status and social class can have fun together.


There are many masquerade parties in Sydney, New Orleans and Rome where a mask is a tradition. If you don’t have the time, you can buy some unique masks online or even make your own.


Bake a Nice Cake

During the Mardi Gras celebration, you can get busy in your kitchen and make a cake. There is a normal tradition treats are usually decorated with gold and pink icing. Mardi Gras tradition states if you have a cake during this period, you will host the next party.


You could try mixing sazerac with a whiskey to have a good celebration, however, if you want a sweeter cake, mix with a fruit-filled mock-tailed version.


Organize your own mardi gras theme party

You could try to throw your party and let the kids put their costumes and crafts together. Try to make a masquerade mask and let the children decorate them with watercolors, crayons, sequins and beads.


Once these are ready, organize a party in your garden or living room and invite your family and friends. You can do a fashion parade where everyone can vote on the winner for multiple categories to bring in some competitive fun.


Listen to good music

This is a vital part of any mardi gras event and there are many music genres to consider. Get some great blues, jazz and zydeco. You might want to consider some international music from Italy or Brazil to have diversified music.


Samba is popularly played at any mardi gras event and it’s easy for many people to connect with.



Mardi Gras is an amazing event that brings together many people from different cultures, traditions and nationalities. There are many fun ways you can use to celebrate this year’s mardi gras event, proper planning is required.