Fruit and veg empire takes root in Birkdale with delicious deli

18th June 2019
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A fruit and veg business is growing and taking firm root in Southport by launching a brand new deli and coffee shop

Stanley’s Fruit and Veg has been providing quality fruit, vegetables and groceries to the
Birkdale community for the last 50 years and has recent found wide acclaim for its bespoke revamp of Hamptom’s Emporium in Birkdale Village which is brimming with delicious foods and drinks from around the globe.

The owners took over the shop at the end of October 2018, describing it as a real leap of faith.

However the food loving business owners knew they had a healthy, well run trade and retail business.

They said “We spent the first three months understanding the business and how it operates, then began redecorating and putting down a new floor.

“Then the fun bit, finding the products and produce. It’s hard to know what will and won’t sell, so some of it is a total gamble. We sourced some olive oils, we have three of the world’s best in the shop now, one of which is sold by Harrods for considerably more than we sell it.”

“My obsession runs to finding the best versions of as many products as we can. We have an Iberico ham from Spain, from an artisanal producer.

“We have a small number of cheeses, we don’t need to do any more than that, the cheese shop have a great selection and do it really well. We’ve tried to specialise in British, though we do get asked for some continental cheeses too.”

“Our newest item is coffee. Birkdale Brew is our own coffee, roasted here in Birkdale, by us. Once again, it’s part of my obsession.”

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