From fry ups to slim down!

8th July 2020

One Southport businesswoman and her husband have been extremely busy over the lockdown period converting a Fast food Café into a modern ‘Weight Loss Centre’

Beverley-Jo Crawford has been a 1:1 Diet Consultant in Southport for over 12 years working from home and has helped thousands of people around Southport, Formby, Ormskirk and surrounding areas shed the lb’s and get healthier! She has also built a large team of consultants who work all over the Northwest area and as far as Nottingham!

Beverley has lost nearly 4 stones herself back in 2002 after having her 2 children, so knows a thing or two about losing weight!!

In February Beverley embarked on a big new venture and started the process to buy the run-down Café which had just come on the market for sale via auction.

Beverley said “I’ve wanted to open a weight loss centre for a long time but it had to be in the right location for not only me but my clients, then the café on Southbank Rd came up for auction and I knew it was perfect.

“It’s just across the road from my home, with parking on the front so no need to worry about finding a parking space in town!!

“We had just started the sale process and then COVID19 hit!  At first I panicked and thought ‘NO it was the wrong time’, but once I took a breath and assessed the situation I just knew I had to continue with the project because it was a perfect opportunity to be able to create a wonderful, comfortable and private place for my clients old and new.

“Recent research has shown the average person has gained at least a stone in ‘Lockdown’ so lots of my clients were desperate to stay on plan during the pandemic,  so many of them are coming out of this  1, 2 stone or more lighter!

“I adapted my working to telephone or facetime consultations and went out everyday on deliveries to my clients so that they could get their supplies and keep on track with their weight loss journey.

“I was also getting many phone calls off new clients wanting to get started on plan too, so I knew I had to push on with this project as after lockdown the need for my weight loss support was going to be even greater.

“My husband Paul who is an HGV mechanic by trade was furloughed from 23rd March so as soon as the sale went through, he got stuck in ripping out the old café and knocking it back to bare brick!  He ended up replacing rotten joists and flooring and has done the whole project virtually single handed, he has done an amazing job.

“I am hoping to be able to start seeing my clients from the new centre for appointments from week commencing 13th July whilst still adhering to the social distance guidelines. It will just be lovely to see my clients and catch up face to face and to meet all my new clients.

“I’m so excited, this has been my dream for the last 5 years and its finally all taken shape, and in such a difficult time too where many businesses have really struggled, I’ve not only managed to keep going but to complete this project too.

“The 1:1 Diet is a very popular meal replacement plan that has been around for over 35 years and focusses its success on a fabulous range of tasty products and the invaluable One 2 One support you get from your consultant.

“The diet has a range of plans from complete meal replacements on very low calories to steps using some meal replacements and healthy food in calorie counted steps, so there really is a step suitable for everyone, male or female, a little or a lot to lose.

“The diet has been used in recent years very successfully in trials in conjunction with diabetes UK in the DROPLET and DIRECT trials.  The results have been amazing in helping many Type 2 diabetic patients lose weight and bring their diabetes under control and for many put it into remission and reduce or come off medications too.

“The New Weight loss Centre is at 157 Southbank Road in Southport. If you would like to know more information about the 1:1 Diet please get in touch with me, I would love to help get you started on your weight loss journey and not only shed the Lockdown lb’s but get you to your healthy goal weight. Beverley-Jo Crawford 07950 890 689

“You can also find me on Facebook @Bev Crawford 1:1 Diet Centre Southport-  Award Winning consultant  or on the main 1:1Diet website “