Friends launch IVF fundraiser to give couple their dream child

A couple who moved to Southport in search of an IVF miracle are now hoping the kindness of strangers will help them on their way to conceiving a miracle baby.

Partners Natalie & Matt Harris have been desperately trying for a baby for a number of years and, following a number of devastating and heartbreaking pregnancy losses, the pair are now part of a large fundraising campaign to help crowdfund the latest series of IVF treatments.

A fundraiser has been launched by Natalie’s friend Kellie who wants to crowd source £8,000 to help the couple achieve their bouncing baby dreams in 2021.

Kellie said “All she has ever wanted since
being a little girl is to be a mummy.
in 2012 she met her wonderful husband Matt and found happiness.

“A year later she was over the moon to
find she was pregnant. But unfortunately lost the
baby. This was to be the beginning of
years of upset and heartache.

“From that moment all they wanted was a baby.
In 2015 I found out I was pregnant with my first child, I was so worried about how I was going to tell Nat and Matt, I wanted them to be the first to know being my best friends, but it was a very
bittersweet moment for me.

“But Nat had news of her own, she was
pregnant! But again another heartache, another baby lost.

“They had tests and discovered Nat has
PCOS, a condition that affects ovulation and many other things. Also Nat was diagnosed with a thyroid disease, and would be on medication for the rest of her life.

In 2017 a fertility drug was given to help with her PCOS and she fell pregnant!

unfortunately this baby was ectopic, so not only did she lose another baby, shethen had to endure lots of operations, tests etc. Which resulted in her having tohave one Fallopian tube clipped as it was damaged.

So they were told IVF was their only
chance to have a baby moving forward.
Nat had already researched this and
discovered that where we live only give 1IVF on the nhs, But Southport gave

Without trying to be pessimistic about IVF she wanted to be in with the best chance as they felt that nothing was
going their way up to this point!So wanted to have the most chances as possible and decided to make the move to Southport, away from
friends and family, in hope of making
their dreams come true.

“in 2019 a miracle happened, Nat fell
pregnant! BUT an early scan shown
ectopic again.

“This time baby had a heartbeat, but still had to have surgery to be removed as it would of been life threatening.

“So along with baby her other Fallopian tube had to be removed.
It was a devastating blow to them both.

“On top of this they knew that they wouldnever conceive naturally, which Nat would of done anything for.

I was heartbroken for them and wished
there was more I could do for them.

“From there they were offered 3 NHS IVF
cycles. In a gruelling 10 months they had5 transfers, all negative. Apart from the
first one which was a chemical
pregnancy. over the last year, not only have they hadIVF to contend with, they also lost Matts Grandad, Nats Dad, both of Nats beloved
dogs Hugo and Harvey.

“THEN due to Covid Nat lost her job, so
has been doing temporary jobs as and
when she can. It’s been very stressful,
and breaks my heart to see such a lovely
couple go through so much heartache.
They have now come to the end of their NHS IVF’s.

“Nat broke the news to me thisweek that unfortunately they have been unsuccessful.

The consultants can’t see a reason why
the IVF isn’t working, and are saying theyare just ‘unlucky’ it could still happen.

“It’s been so hard for them more so living
somewhere with no friends to support
them through this tough time.

“I know there have been times where I have beenreally worried about them both, and just wanted to be there for them.

“So this is my way of supporting my best
friends. They need help to pay for future IVF’s which is very costly as most will
know, and I want to raise the money to
support their dreams.

“I’m asking for everyone’s help in this,
please donate what you can, if you can’t
donate then please share and be a part ofmaking this couple dreams come true.

“They have been through more
heartbreak than most go through in their entire lives. The majority of their 8 year
relationship has been trauma.
If anyone deserves to be parents it’s
these two wonderful people.

Thankyou for reading my page and I
hope you can help me and my friends in
their journey to become a Mummy and

“Imagine playing a part in this for this
special couple, I’m hoping this time next year I can get in touch and say we’ve
been successful.

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