Friends group call for motor yobs to be banned after DESTROYING Rotten row

16th April 2018

Volunteers at the Friends of Rotten Row community group have slammed mindless vandals who targeted a free car show in Southport.

David Rimmer, one of the Friends of Rotten Row made the remarks after hundreds of motor enthusiasts flocked to the Supercars of the Northwest 2018 Show in South- port at Victoria Park on Rotten Row on Sunday, March 25. He was angry at the way yobs had daubed on fencing around the site and had damaged grassed areas by doing wheelies.

He said: “The car festival was really busy, with people attend- ing from all over the North West. But as usual, the beha- viour of a minority had to ruin it for everyone else.

“Some hooligans performed‘wheelies’ on the grass and have ruined it, with really deep score marks. They made a real mess.

“There was also graffiti daubed on panels.

“We are furious and disap- pointed that anyone would do this and undermine the fant- astic work that we do on Rotten Row.”