Free sword dancing taster session in Southport

Have you ever heard of English Longsword dancing? No! Well it’s nothing to do with putting swords on the ground & dancing around them in a kilt. That’s for the Scots.

The tradition of Longsword dancing in England goes back hundreds of years and can be found in the traditions of many European countries. It involves a team of dancers working together in a circle and performing a number of movements during which dancers either go over or under one of the swords. The dance normally finishes with the making and displaying of the sword lock, with the swords interwoven in one of a variety of shapes.

Since 1968 the Southport Swords have been Sword Dancing locally, nationally & internationally in pubs, villages, towns, cities,  folk festivals or anywhere there is an audience. It keeps them fit, keeps an ‘age old’ tradition alive, they make friends,  have a good time & perhaps a pint or three may be indulged in.

If your curiosity is piqued enough to want to find out more then the Southport Swords are having a ‘free taster session’ on Saturday 18th February, in the Studio at The Atkinson, Lord St, Southport from 1pm until 4pm.

All comers are welcome to come & give it a try, no experience is necessary.