More haste, less speed.

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More haste, less speed.

Post by srn »

I've been reading the OTSnews website for many years now, and I do use it as a primary source for all things Southport!

It is therefore disappointing then to read articles containing basic spelling and grammar errors alongside clunky text. A little bit of time taken to read through the first draft and correct these problems would not only provide a greater reading experience, but also go a long way in presenting a professional publication.

A few minor points, and perhaps a bit nitpicky, but presenting a polished product would further increase this website's reputation.

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Re: More haste, less speed.

Post by Crowman »

Yes, it is very annoying when supposed professional people can't spell basic things or know that little about Southport that they even get street names wrong when reporting things such as accidents, road works and other minor things.
Then people jump on me and quote , "Grammar Police" at me.

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