Former Pumping Station Esplanade Southport goes up for Sale

The former pumping station on the Esplanade Southport has gone up for sale by Sefton Council.

Contractors put up the For Sale signs this Friday morning (29th August 2014).

Full details please ring 0151 934 3245

Full details to follow

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1.1 The above premises are surplus to requirements and the Council is seeking to

dispose of the premises for a suitable use within Kings Gardens. A Lease of 125

years in length will be offered, following satisfactory completion of the works.

1.2 The premises were previously used as a pumping station, but this use has finished

and all apparatus connected with the use has been removed. The Council currently

occupies the premises as a store and garage for vehicles.

1.3 Vacant possession will be provided upon completion

2.0 Location

2.1 The premises are split level, located in the heart of Southport’s popular seafront

area, with frontages to Kings Gardens at the lower level and the Esplanade at road

level. The premises fall within the Promenade Conservation Area.

2.2 The premises are only 150 metres from Southport’s famous Lord Street and the

main shopping areas of Southport.

2.3 There is abundant car parking along the Esplanade together with direct access to

the building for servicing. Public transport to the premises is provided by bus stops

along the Promenade and Coronation Walks. The railway station, which provides

regular train services to Liverpool and Manchester, is approximately 800m away.

2.4 Pedestrian access to the premises is from the Promenade and Esplanade.

Vehicular access is also possible via the ramped highway from the Promenade for

servicing only.

2.5 Southport is known for its seafront gardens and the Council has obtained grant

funding for the E5m refurbishment of Kings Gardens, which is currently under

construction, due to be completed later this year.

2.6 Situation and Location plans for the premises can be found in Appendices 1 and 2.

3.0 Description

3.1 The premises are single storey in height, split level, rectangular in shape, with a

roller shutter door to the front and windows at high level. To the side is an electricity

sub-station which served the pumping station.

3.2 The premises date back to the 1950’s. They were originally used as a sewage

pumping station. All the plant and equipment connected with this use has been

removed. The Council use the premises for storage purposes.


3.3 Externally the premises are split level with a deck at road level, enclosed by

railings, onto the footpath for the Esplanade. At the lower ground level the premises

open out onto Kings Gardens.

3.4 Internally the accommodation comprises a full height core with an office at the side

of the entrance. Toilet, shower and washing facilities are housed in a room at the

opposite side, accessed by a door from the outside only.

3.5 The premises are built of load bearing masonry, with a glazed tile finish internally

and a render finish to the exterior. The decking surrounding the building comprises

reinforced concrete floor and roof slabs supported upon the central core and

external reinforced concrete beams and columns around the perimeter. The upper

columns are pre cast. The remainder is reinforced concrete.

3.6 The ground floor slab is assumed to be a ground bearing concrete slab.

3.7 The premises are in a poor condition. The concrete elements show evidence of

cracking, spalling and corrosion of the exposed reinforcement. Prospective

tenderers should make their own investigations of the premises and commission

their own structural survey. Upon submission of a Tender, the tenderer is deemed

to have knowledge of the condition of the premises. The Council makes no

warranty as to the fitness of the premises for the prospective use.

3.8 An Energy Performance Certificate for the premises is attached at Appendix 3. The

building falls in Category G with an Asset Rating of 715.

3.9 There is no current Rateable Assessment for the premises.

4.0 Accommodation

4.1 The premises comprise a central full height core with office and toilet/shower room

adjoining the entrance.

4.2 Gross internal floor area is 87.42 square metres (941 square feet) or thereabouts.

4.3 Internal height of the central core is 5.8 metres (19 feet)..

4.4 The footprint of the premises is 247 square metres or thereabouts.

4.5 An area of Kings Gardens outside the premises will be allocated for outdoor

seating if this is required.

5.0 Planning

5.1 Planning Policies

5.1.1 In the Sefton Unitary Development Plan (UDP) (2006) (see

htto:// the premises are designated as urban greenspace

(part of G419 Marine Lake), where the key policy is:


• G1 “Protection of Urban Greenspace”. Key urban greenspace benefits of the

premises and Kings Gardens include cultural (historic), recreational, health,

economic and quality of life benefits.

5.1.2 The premises are within areas covered by a range of other designations, and other

relevant UDP policies include:

• NCI “Development in Conservation Areas”. The premises are part of the

Promenade Conservation Area.

• HC5 “Historical Parks and Gardens”. The premises lie within Kings Gardens,

which is on the national Register of Historic Parks and Gardens.

• CPZ1 — “Coastal Planning Zone”. This limits suitable land uses to those

dependent on a coastal location, including Leisure and Tourism related uses

within Southport Seafront.

• EDT13 “Southport Central Area Development Principles.” These set out

design and other development principles for Southport Central Area and

priorities for planning conditions or planning (legal) agreements.

• EDT15 “Seafront Area”. This sets out both suitable land uses and those

which will not be allowed in the Seafront Area.

5.1.3 These complement the Southport Investment Strategy (2008) which is also

relevant. (See

5.1.4 The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) has a presumption in favour of

sustainable development. The suggested uses (see below in 5.1.6)) would be

considered to be sustainable due to the location of the development.

5.1.5 Planning History

No relevant planning history.

5.1.6 Potential Uses

The building should be used for purposes consistent with its setting in Southport

Seafront and Kings Gardens.

Policy EDTI 5 states that the following uses are acceptable in principle:

• Restaurant, cafe, bar (e.g. Use Class A3)

• New or improved leisure and recreation facilities (e.g. Use Class D2),

• Hotel and other similar accommodation (e.g. Use Class Cl),

• Facilities for conferences, events and exhibitions (e.g. Use Class D1);

And the following uses are not acceptable:

• Permanent residential development (e.g. Use Class C3) ,

• Further retail development (Use Class Al),


• Other development which would harm the character of the Seafront or its

function as a regional visitor attraction (including in this case Use Classes A2

and B1 uses).

5.1.7 Potential for food and beverage use

The suggested uses for the premises include a café, bar or restaurant. Any retail

use should be related to, and ancillary to, the main use of building.

• The Council has explored the opportunity for food and beverage use and

commissioned consultants to review the potential of this building for conversion.

This report examined the feasibility and likely viability of a more intensive food and

beverage operation, particularly one that is food centred and examined what

measures would be necessary to strengthen the suitability of the building.

• The consultants concluded that the building represents a conversion opportunity for

over 100 internal seats, achievable with a small extension on the front and an

internal mezzanine, allowing for a modest and practical kitchen space and bar, with

an external seating area.

5.1.8 Layout and Design

A Design and Access Statement will be required to be submitted with any Planning

application, which should set out how design issues have been considered.

The premises occupy a prominent, high profile, corner location within Kings

Gardens, the Seafront and Classic Resort of Southport. It is close to the Marine

Lake and within the Promenade Conservation Area, which include the Seafront

Gardens. All of these, together with Lord Street, are important to the character of

Southport as a Classic Resort.

In line with policy EDT 13 a high quality of building design and use of quality,

durable and attractive materials is essential, to make a positive contribution to the

environment, attractiveness and economy of the Seafront. UDP Policy DQ1

‘Design’ sets out other design principles.

The existing building should be retained and some external alterations may be

considered (for example, an external staircase or additional windows, etc.).

The upper level has not been previously used. Following extensive ground

clearance works, the new views across the newly restored Kings Gardens and the

Marine Lake make conversion of it a particularly attractive proposition for tourist or

leisure related uses.

The lower level opens up onto what is currently a car park. Dependent upon the

use of the building, there may be scope for using some of the area in front of the

building facing the park (for example, as an outdoor seating area for a café).

Details of how the outdoor area would be used would need to be agreed with the

Council and submitted with your Tender.


5.1.9 Accessibility and Highways Considerations

As part of the Design and Access Statement (see 5.1.8), the developer will need to

consider how the premises will be safely accessed by all, including people with

disabilities or limited mobility. The premises are next to a busy road junction and

there is no pedestrian crossing. The Design and Access statement should identify

how pedestrians will approach the premises safely and where necessary, what

improvements to the access and pedestrian access will be required.

An Accessibility Assessment will also be required for any development in order to

demonstrate how the development is accessed in order to comply with the

requirements in the “Ensuring Choice of Travel SPD”. This can be found on

The SPD also sets out requirements on parking standards. The premises are not

suitable for on-site car parking. However as the premises are located in the town

centre with a number of bus services that stop nearby, then on site car parking is

not necessary. Cycle parking spaces will need to be included in any development

for both staff and customers. Service vehicles will need to use the existing site

access off the Esplanade.

5.1.10 Other Issues

Environmental Protection have commented that if the premises were to be used for

cooking food that the kitchen extraction would be subject to conditions to limit

odour and noise.

As these premises are Council owned, it will be a requirement that any developer

uses the Council’s own Building Control Section for services connected with

Building Regulation applications and subsequent approval. For an initial discussion

of the services available and their cost, please contact Ian Berrington on 0151 934


5.1.11 Developer Requirements

Consulting with the community pre-application

You are encouraged to consult local residents and other key interests before

making any planning application. A step by step guide is available on Sefton

Council’s website entitled “Involving the Community in your application. A Guide for

Developers”. This can be found at http:///

Pre-application advice

As discussed above, the premises have a number of constraints. As such an

applicant is strongly encouraged to seek advice pre-application from the Council.

Information about what service we offer, what information is needed and what fees

we charge for pre-application advice can be found at:


Design and Access Statement

A Design and Access statement will need to be submitted with any Planning

Application. More information about this is available on Sefton’s web site at:

http:/// .

Validation Checklist

This sets out the information needed before applications for planning permission

are considered to be valid. These are available to download from our website at:

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