Formby village overflows with fast food litter, moan residents

3rd October 2019

Formby residents are getting more and more furious about the amount of growing litter in the village.

Speaking to OTS News one resident said “this morning on my way to work the sun was shining, you could see beautiful floral displays and lots of people enjoying the ambiance.

However, the village is spoiled by litter flowing around.

This was not caused by careless people, it was caused by overflowing bins. Pizza boxes lay on the floor around the bins. Paper which had overflowed was blowing up Chapel Lane.

“I assume the visitors which the market attracts use the bins for their rubbish, so they fill up quickly. The bins in Formby Village need to be emptied immediately the market closes on Fridays, other- wise the village will remain in this state until the following Monday.

I suggest two options.
1. The council empties the bins more often
2. The shop owners & fastfood places provide seats with bins near by, for which they are responsible. (litter is worse around the bins which are near seats).

Whatever the solution, it is not acceptable for our village to be in this state.”

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