Formby man is the Uk’s first ebay millionaire and cleared a net profit in excess of £5m

30th June 2017

Formby man is the Uk’s first ebay millionaire and cleared a net profit in excess of £5m

Merseyside based online bathroom retailer business, Victorian Plumbing, ran by the UK’s first ever ebay millionaire, has today announced impressive 18 month results, positioning it as the most profitable in its sector.

Headed up by Mark Radcliffe, whose entrepreneurial streak began in his garden shed in Southport over 15 years ago, Victorian Plumbing has reported net profits in excess of £5m for its latest accounting period, with margins rising to 40.2% against the previous year.

The results are attributed to a number of key drivers in the business including a robust digital strategy across pay-per-click advertising, business intelligence and search engine marketing, as well as a series of Channel 4 ads, which have led to a 38% increase in unique visitors to the website, in the last 12 months.

Substantial growth took place within the last six months of the period, which ended in March 2017, with both turnover and net profit exceeding the prior year’s 12 months results. In this period, turnover grew from 15% and net profit, 12%.

The news follows last month’s inclusion on the London Stock Exchange Group’s ‘1000 Companies to Inspire Britain’, which celebrates the fastest-growing small and medium sized businesses across the UK. Businesses that make the listing have to show consistent levels of revenue growth for three years while ‘performing better than their industry peers’.

The business was also listed 16th on the Sunday Times Virgin Fast Track 100 last year positing it as one of the UKs fastest growing companies.

Managing Director, Mark Radcliffe, commented: “Our results speak for themselves and I’m proud to say we are now the most profitable business in our sector, with a turnover in excess of £100 million”.

“It’s difficult to grow a business in this uncertain climate, especially with no external financial backing and only the best will survive but you have to see all challenges as opportunities.”

Mark adds: “I believe in good marketing, taking risks and making educated guesses. It’s all about surrounding yourself with the right people and working together to hit the next milestone. My ambition for this business is to continue to exceed expectation and become a household brand name, recognised globally.”

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