Above: Declan Kearney, Senior Parks Officer at Sefton Council 

OTSnews believes that this evening Declan Kearney, Senior Parks Officer at Sefton Council has been and removed the tent and all their belongings, which included blankets clothes and personal papers. At this time we do not authorised Mr Kearney actions.

UPDATE: Homeless Couple Move Back To Southport Municipal Golf Course


The homeless  couple who set up camp on right hand side of the 3rd hole on the Municipal Golf Course on Fleetwood Road last December have now moved back.

UPDATE: Southport Golf Course Campers Move on 

The two people that that having been living in a tent along the right hand side of the 3rd hole at the municipal golf course today have moved on.

A Southport company spotted OTS news report last Friday and have now decided to help the couple out by putting them up in local hotel before find permanent accommodation.

The male thanked OTS for reporting on the story first a bringing their situation to he attention of the public.

UPDATE: Fore Right On The 3rd Hole at Southport Municipal Golf Course

Over a week has passed and the camper to the right of the 3rd hole is not for moving.

OTSnews understands that Sefton Council is looking into the case and will help find he/she alternative accommodation if possible.


Fore Right On The 3rd Hole at Southport Municipal Golf Course

A golfer playing the 3rd hole on Southport Municipal golf course found himself in a spot of bother this morning when he sliced his shot and found his ball in the rough behind a tent in the bushes.

Just when he was about to play his second shot a voice shouted out from inside the tent asking who it was disturbing him at this time of the morning.

The golfer said

“What a joke this benefit system seems to be. What happened to Norman Tebbit’s saying ‘Get on your bike and find work’

I have since contacted Sefton Council about the situation, do they not have a ranger on the course anymore?”

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