FOOD REVIEW | The Hesketh Arms (Churchtown)

6th February 2017

The Hesketh Arms, Botanic Rd, Southport

Churchtown is a place steeped in history. Everything here is vintage – from the iconic brilliant white cottage rows to the cobbles!

So it stands to reason if you’re going to experience the full historic nature of this quintessential village, you should also experience the best of vintage food.

So having popped on my vintage jacket and not so vintage Reputation Menswear shoes, I headed for the best pub grub in the village – and quite possibly the town – the Hesketh Arms!

A quick brush across the cobbles to the pub’s front door and you’ll be instantly transported back to an age where life was slow and simple. It’s simply perfect for a Sunday sojourn.

We’re shown to a table near the back of the pub with a view of St Cuthbert’s and our waitress, the bubbly and ever helpful Marie-Claire, takes our drinks order.

Time to peruse the menu! But not to quickly of course – that’s the whole aim of the Hesketh and an atmosphere the team have perfected over time, the ability for you to relax, unwind and take a breather from an otherwise nonestop life!

I opt for the special soup of the day: Tomato and Balsamic while my partner goes for the Garlic Mushrooms (there’s no chance she’ll get a kiss in the back of our cab later!)

Tomato soup (£3.50)

Ok I may have been wrong about taking it slow. The soup was so nice it was gone within minutes and, risking my partners evil eye, a few cheeky stabs of her mushrooms all but confirmed they were equally delicious.

The Balsamic complimented the acidity of the tomato very well and my compliments to the chef on his garlic cheese sauce for the mushrooms!

Garlic mushrooms (£4.95)

Onto the mains now. Good cod this fish is huge!

Not being a fan of tartare sauce and a massive advocate of all things spicy, the chef offered to create a special Thai chilli jelly concoction to accompany my fish. And I have to say it made the dish! Although not on the menu, if you ask the team are always happy to accommodate your tastes and preferences as much as they can.

The fish and chips (£10)

Chefs special Thai chilli jelly concoction

The fish and chips were delicious – acting on recommendation from the waitress. My partner opted for the tender wagyu beef burger without bacon. Although the pricier of the burgers on offer, it’s worth it – a tender beef patty and brioche bun went down a treat and offered a very light alternative to the tempting array of roasts on the menu.

Tender wagyu beef burger, without bacon (£12:50)

Deserts were not to defeat us as we opted for the Melba mallow mess and toffee nut trio respectively. They are definitely dishes for those blessed with the sweetest of tooth! The Melba mess is an interesting take on the Eton concept and no sooner had I snapped a picture of it, my partner was already trying to sneak a spoonful!

Melba mallow mess (£5.50)

Toffee nut trio (£6.50

The Hesketh Arms is a real piece of Churchtown history, blending food, hospitality and a wonderful feeling of warmth perfectly with its surroundings. You’ll not want to leave in any hurry once you get here!

Overall Score: 4/5

Contact details 

Address: Botanic Rd, Merseyside, Southport PR9 7NA
Hours: Open today · 12–11pm
Phone: 01704 509548