Photo: Unwanted mattress dumped on The Promenade, Southport

Fly Tipping on The Promenade Southport

Someone has dumped a mattress on the Promenade in Southport today, Tuesday 9 May 2017.

A large amount of tipping is committed by people who simply can’t be bothered to take their rubbish to the local tip.

Rubbish that is dumped on private land is the responsibility of the landowner to clear it up – and pay for it.

Any person or company fly tipping waste is committing a serious offence potentially punishable by an unlimited fine and/or up to five years in prison dependant upon the type of waste involved.

They can also be made to reimburse the costs of cleaning up the tipped area.

One can’t understand the mentality of people when there is a Re-cycling Centre at Kew.