Fleetwood inspires future Tommies with Southport academy creation

Tommy Fleetwood with Norman Marhsall, Head Pro of Tommy Fleetwood Academy, Mark Chicken, General Manager of Formby Hall

Southport’s most famous son Tommy Fleetwood has launched his very own own golf academy.

The Tommy Fleetwood Academy aims to provide opportunities for juniors across Southport and the rest of he county to take up the sport, whilst also helping to broaden the game’s appeal.

The inaugural Tommy Fleetwood Academy will open its doors at Formby Hall Golf Club. Southport born Fleetwood hopes to use his Academy to help to teach youngsters about golf’s discipline and etiquette, whilst also making the game more fun and accessible to kids Tommy told OTS “From a young age, sport and golf, in particular, have brought me a lot of happiness and many friends,” said Fleetwood.

“Golf has taught me many valuable lessons along the way, lessons that I continue to learn each and every day.

“My family and I are now truly grateful to be in a position where I can give something back and help kids who are in a similar position to me when I was growing up. We want to give them the same opportunity to learn and enjoy the game that I love and be able to start their own journey, all whilst growing the game the way I believe it should be.

“My wife Clare and I are therefore so proud to be starting our ‘Tommy Fleetwood Golf Academy’ at Formby Hall Golf Club, the place where I grew up playing golf. I am also extremely proud to be launching it during the week I am hosting the British Masters at Hillside, as this region welcomes some of Europe’s leading players, which I hope will provide further inspiration to kids in the area.”