Financial watchdog, barking up the wrong tree!

I think you may be interested in quite an interesting story between an excellent debt forum and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The FCA is forcing a very popular and possibly the biggest and most productive dedicated debt forum in the country to shut down based on its own agenda.
The forum is fighting back and there is a thread on the subject that is public. It’s worth a read because at the start of the week the FCA told the forum owner to close and now after the forum complained the FCA have said they are ‘investigating’ the case.

From being found guilty of breaches at the start of the week to now only accusing the forum is a huge change in stance.
The forum users found the FCA member of staff Facebook account and he’d made derogatory remarks about disabilities which the forum posted and now his Facebook page has suddenly disappeared.

Have read here:  http://forums.all-about-debt.co.uk/showthread.php?15778-AAD-Closure-Threat-23rd-November-2014
The main FCA threat and the forum’s response is here:  http://forums.all-about-debt.co.uk/showthread.php?15778-AAD-Closure-Threat-23rd-November-2014&p=449830&viewfull=1#post449830
If you need to contact Eric (the owner of the forum) his email is webmaster@all-about-debt.co.uk
I am sure he will respond because we are trying everything to keep our sanctuary alive and the FCA seem intent on taking it from us.

This situation is one that unmistakably threatens all consumers and their liberty today!

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