Early this year it was Birkdale High  Academy who faced a crisis when it failed its Ofsted inspection.  This time its Range High Academy in Formby who are facing a crisis, albeit a financial one.
Range High only converted to Academy status 12 months ago and yet letters have gone out to all Staff inviting them to a meeting on 5th December informing them that unless there are “staffing adjustments” the School will be unable to balance its books.
This is a far cry from what the Headteacher Graham Aldridge said in a letter to parents on 03.05.2011

“It appears that Academy Status helps increase the financial security of the school at this time when Local Authority budgets are being squeezed.”

Because the School is now a Company (Co No 07770687) and free from the Local Authority  they are unable to call upon it for support.  There is also no chance of redeployment for any member of staff unfortunate enough to lose their job.
It would appear that Academy conversion has not been very lucky to the schools in Sefton.  Of the 7 schools who converted 3 have new Headteachers ( 2 retired, 1 resignation) 1 is in Special Measures and another in financial hardship.
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