The news that Sefton Council proposes to close down 3 local libraries has left many local people in shock.
Libraries are no longer just places from which you can borrow books. They have now evolved into a vital community hub, where local people can carry out a full range of pursuits and engage in social involvement in many spheres. In addition to this, libraries provide members of the public with the opportunity to use computers. This is particularly useful for those who do not have personal use of this facility at home. Indeed, computers can be a vital tool for todays job seekers.
A campaign group has now been set up to fight to save Birkdale library. Petition sheets have been printed and are available for signing in a number of shops throughout Birkdale. We will also be organising a public meeting within the next couple of weeks. Anyone who is prepared to help in this campaign is invited to contact Pete Rimmer 07973 623210 or Terry Durrance 01704 578196 or e-mail   or  
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