Fiestaval Southport launches funding appeal to support plans for 2022 event

11th November 2021
Vanessa Kurz

Would you like to see an exciting Latin music festival taking place in Southport next year?

The Fiestaval Southport 2022 festival committee has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Spacehive to raise £1,185 needed to ensure the success of the event and strengthen its foundations for future years.

This free daytime Latin music festival is to be held on Saturday 21st May 2022 – on the UN World Day for Cultural Diversity.

Fiestaval 2022 has been brought together by a voluntary committee, Viva Foundation, despite the uncertainties of Covid, to provide residents and visitors to Southport with a vibrant programme of live Latin American music and dance, arts and cultural activities throughout the day.

Southport’s very own Latin music festival will feature a showcase of live Latin American music and dance performances. It will also have a top line-up DJs and dancers, plus handicrafts and cultural exhibitions.

Viva Foundation Chairperson Irma Mejia said: “We call on all our Latin music lovers, dancers, friends and members of the local community to help spread a little Latin cheer next year and help us to create a wonderful community event around the theme of Latin America!

“The festival received a generous pledge from Sefton Council’s Community Transition Fund and people are now invited to make a donation to our crowdfunding campaign.

“You will be rewarded with tokens of appreciation ranging from public thanks, to free dance classes, tickets to local Latin events, to annual membership of the festival.

“We’re really excited to be launching the festival again in 2022 but we really need your help to support the events we are putting on.

“This is a great opportunity to support emerging local artists, celebrate the UNESCO international day of cultural diversity and enrich the social, economic and cultural vitality of Southport and the surrounding area.

“Fiestaval 2022 is a free accessible, community arts event for all ages to enjoy.

“Please do consider pledging your support, making a small donation or even sharing the page on social media to get our campaign as far and wide as possible! We hope to see lots of people at our event in May.

“We have so far raised £1675 and have until 4th December to reach our total target of £2,860.

“If the target is exceeded it will enable more Latin artists to be added to the line-up.

“Together we can all make this happen!

“You can pledge as little as £2 or even just ‘like’ our Crowdfund page to help us deliver this wonderful free community event. We also ask those of you who kindly supported our last campaign to please pledge again.

“We look forward to spreading a little Latin cheer next year in 2022!”

You can donate here:

Fiestaval organisers are also seeking volunteer first aiders, stewards, community choirs and dancers to help deliver Fiestaval 2022 . Please email for more details.