What could be better than traveling by car? The answer is simple – traveling by van with the whole family! Recently, it became very popular to rent a van for a family trip. If you are planning to have a road trip in UK just, then Firefly car rental Alicante can offer you the best variety of passenger cars on every budget. So you will be able to accommodate all the relatives, and go on an unforgettable journey.

Volumetric body of van offers exactly as much space as you need. A multi-row cabin at 8-12 seats won’t only accommodate the whole family, but also a lot of bags. So, what does the modern van market offer for families who like road trips?

Volkswagen Caravelle

Perhaps this is the first option that comes to mind at the thought of a van. The Caravelle is a more passenger-oriented version of the cargo Volkswagen Transporter, but not as luxurious and expensive as the luxury Multivan.

Nevertheless, the 6th generation of this van can take on board up to 9 passengers, and this is a big advantage for a road trip purposes. However, Volkswagen is captivating with its excellent German quality, reliable engines and strict modern appearance. The basic 2-liter gasoline engine produces 102 hps with the motor volume of 2 liters without any turbines. However, sometimes this is frankly not enough for a heavy front-wheel-drive car.

In addition, for most equipment coming with this type of motor you will have to pay extra money. A more powerful configuration with 150-hps diesel engine will cost more, but this fact is also caused by the 7-speed DSG automatic transmission available with this power unit. 

Opel Vivaro

A large 9-seater van of the current generation, which appeared only in 2014, is quite popular for long-distance family journeys. A large spacious vehicle is thought out technically and quite unpretentious to control when driving on country roads. Compared to its competitors, it is slightly simpler – the automatic transmission is not offered in principle, and only 3 variations of the motor are available to choose from.

The basic 1.6-liter engine produces only 90 hps and is completed with the usual 6-speed mechanic transmission. For a surcharge, you can get versions with diesel-turbocharged 120 and 140 hps.

Otherwise, the buyer will receive the necessary minimum of comfort such as airbags, climate control and all kinds of electric drives. However, don’t expect luxury and sophisticated electronics from this option. 

Mercedes-Benz V-class

Mercedes is the most expensive and prestigious van in our review – it appeared only 4 years ago on the basis of the outdated Viano model. The new V-class will cost you almost $15,000 more than all the major competitors – the simplest version with a 136-hps diesel engine at 2.1 liters will cost about $50,000.

At the same time, for a more powerful 163-strong version of the same engine you will have to pay extra $6,000, while the configuration with 190 hps onboard will cost $63,000.

There are equipment options with an automatic transmission, and all-wheel drive, however, despite the rich equipment and a lot of modern electronics, they can hardly fit into the family budget.

By the way, this van is perfect for business purposes and can be used as a comfortable corporate shuttle.

Peugeot Expert

This is not the common Peugeot Boxer, but a comfortable family van with 9 comfortable seats. The most interesting thing is that a much lighter vehicle is built on the same Boxer platform. In particular, the car has retained a 2-liter diesel engine with a huge resource and an excellent wear resistance. Depending on the version, it gives from 98 to 163 hps, and it costs from $25,000 for a new car. The customer is usually offered a 6-speed manual gearbox, because the automatic transmission is available only for the most powerful 163-hps engine.

In general, Peugeot Expert is just as unpretentious and simple as the Opel Vivaro – on the move it’s not so smooth due to a semi-independent rear suspension, it’s not so frisky due to the low-volume diesel engine.

However, profitability is at a high level, and the construction that has been proven over the years doesn’t require a serious investment in terms of maintenance.


Hyundai H1

The previous generation of this van became a real bestseller – it was simply impossible to find a more comfortable and roomy 9-seater on the market for such an affordable price. It’s good that the Koreans took the path of evolution, not revolution, updating the design of the model, but leaving no significant changes to the tested car.

As a result, we have a completely modern and harmonious-looking van with ultra-reliable diesel engines under the hood. A solid volume of 2.5 liters and power from 136 to 170 hps make it easy to carry a full passenger cabin.

It’s possible to order an automatic transmission and four-wheel drive, which will cost much cheaper than the similar options from Mercedes-Benz. The price tag for the Hyundai H1 starts at $33,000, while the version with a more powerful engine and automatic transmission will cost only $2,500 more.