Family live in terror with nightmare neighbours

18th March 2018

Family live in terror with nightmare neighbours

A family from Southport are living in terror thanks to their nightmare neighbours.

Last night unknown assailants attacked the family’s home mistaking it for their neighbours, leaving windows smashed and hundreds of pounds in damages.

The tenant told OTS News “for the past year i have been complaining to the housing association regenda about my neighbours upstairs.

For well over a year its been none stop noise, fights, break ins and many many other things. The housing have been made aware about everything but have done absolutely nothing. They don’t even call back.

Things are that bad that this morning at about 5 am a brick was put through our kitchen window because they thought it was the neighbours window.

We had our small dog in the kitchen and she narrowly escaped being seriously injured. We also have a 6 year old child in the property whilst all this is going on!”