Fake Irish £20 notes are being circulated in Southport today with a number of businesses having already fallen for the scam.

Shops on Central 12 and in the town centre were hit by the scam, while staff at Graham Eyes butchers were more stringent in their checks.

A spokesperson for Graham Eyes said: “Our Cambridge Road store has just been a approached by a young boy (May be no more than 10 years old), dark hair, smartly dressed, irish accent.

The young boy tried to purchase goods totalling 78p with a fake £20 note.

When a member of staff said they would have to nip to the bank next door to check the note as the Irish Sterling note is not something we deal with a lot, the young boy was very quick to take the note back, make his excuses & leave.

It has since emerged that he tried to purchase goods from neighbouring ‘Pillowtalk’ but was also turned away.

Be vigilant. Please share with fellow business owners!”