Rebecca and Matilda,  from the local charity shop “Fight Against Animal Cruelty in Europe” (on Shakespeare Street, Southport) have started a national campaign to save Charity shops

Since “Cash for Clothes” points appeared in Southport and Merseyside the local charity shops no longer get clothing donations. These “Cash for Clothes” shops export everything abroad (the good stuff goes to Eastern European markets, the medium quality stuff goes to Africa and the “rags” are being sold to Pakistan).

This means, the local charity shops, which have been part of the community for a long time, will have to close down and people on a small budget don’t have access to affordable clothes as they are being exported.

So Rebecca and Matilda started this national campaign for which we like to get a lot of support by spreading the word and raising awareness in people:


Twitter: @savecharityshop

and on Blospot (I paste the text below):

Donate your clothing – save the charity shops.

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