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F.J.Gibb was founded in the early 1920’s by Joseph Gibb, and his son Frank carried on the business after his father’s death. Frank retired in 2000, and, although he was still a Director of the company until his death in 2006. The business is now run by his son Joe.

Pictured above Joe Gibb (right) Damian Bignell (left)

Joe believes that being an Independent Funeral Director means they can give their clients the personal service they want without having to satisfy large company boards of directors.

In the multicultural society we live in today, F.J.Gibb Ltd are able to deal with any denomination and go to great lengths to ensure all religious and ethnic requirements are met, even if no religious content is required, such as a Humanist funeral.

Environmentalists’ requirements are also considered and we are able to offer a range of environmentally friendly coffins such as Bamboo and Willow.

Funeral plans are becoming very popular now and F.J.Gibb Ltd can help with both Golden Charter and pre paid funeral plans. They are also affiliated to S.A.I.F., the Federation of Small Businesses and the Funeral Planning Council.


When you suffer a bereavement, a funeral for a member of your family is one of the most difficult days of your life. Everything your family and friends thought about a loved one is expressed on that day.

When someone dies it comes as a great shock. Sometimes the death may be expected, but nothing prepares you for the emotional trauma of losing someone close.

As your funeral directors we are here to help and advise in whatever way we can. We are dedicated professionals who provide a personal service to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
It is a rare privilege to be a funeral director, to stand in a sensitive position at a crucial time in the midst of your family, knowing that the quality of our service and our reputation will help you through this most difficult time of your lives.

Arranging the Funeral
 Our services to you start when you contact us, whether by telephone or calling personally, and extend often way beyond the day of the funeral.

On initial contact we will ask for preliminary details, whereupon if the deceased has died at home or in a private nursing home we will advise the conveyance of the deceased to our private chapel.

We would then ask, at a time and place to suit the family, for the funeral director to call and arrange the funeral to a standard and procedure that meets the needs and requirements of those concerned.

F J Gibb Ltd. 6a Clarence Road, Merseyside. Southport. PR8 4BH.
Work Tel: (01704) 551666. Fax: (01704) 550999.
Email:  office@gibbsfunerals.co.uk