Photo: RTC Tarlton By-Pass

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The emergency services were called to the A565 Tarleton Bypass at the Moss Hey Lane junction at 11.40 after two vehicles collided.

Lancashire Fire fighters removed the roof of one vehicle to free the injured.

The injured were transferred to hospital by ambulance.

The road was closed (Southbound) and traffic diverted through Mere Brow.

Witness Kaz Stevens:

“I was there when this accident had just happened it was a disturbing scene. One of the two cars which collided, was smouldering and the poor woman was trapped inside.  Two first responders didn’t switch off the ignition and the car was filled with smoke, the woman was coughing and distraught, so I switched off the ignition and then asked if I could call anyone for the victim, she wanted her grandmother.   I went to Mere Brow and fetched her and then went back to let the Leigh Arms know that she would not be in work, then I went back to the crash scene and let Amy (who was in the crash) and her grandmother know that I had notified the Leigh Arms what had happened.

This is an accident black spot, and apparently a car collided with a lorry there yesterday.

I saw ambulances and police cars rushing past my home yesterday (I live on Holmeswood Road which leads to Mere Brow), they should put traffic lights there and at the spot further on by Huntapack because these are places where many people have been killed in recent years.

A man was killed on a motorbike coming out of Huntapack onto the Southport Road a few years back, the traffic is treacherous and the road is now too narrow to be any good as a major A road between Southport and Preston.

They need a wider road or an alternate route and fast.

I hope Amy and her shocked grandmother Margaret will be okay and make a full recovery.

Get well soon Amy”.


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