Andy Fleming circled on the pubs CCTV

Exclusive | The true victim of crime speaks out after 20 months of hell

A southport man who was put through hell after wrongly being accused of deliberately blinding a pub landlord has finally cleared his name.

Andy Fleming’s name was tarnished after he was accused in the media of blinding the landlord of the Victoria Pub on Boxing Day 2015.

In reality Andy, along with his now ex girlfriend, were defending themselves from a vicious assault and the blinding was the result of self defence.

Speaking exclusively to OTS News Andy told of how the last two years have made him and his family endure a living nightmare.

He said: “The last 20 months have been a living nightmare for myself, my family, and Kirsty.

“We were both violently attacked and set upon in the Vic.

“Unfortunately during the fracas, the landlord was left blinded in one eye.

“I was forced to act in lawful self defence to protect myself and my then girlfriend.

“Those of you that know me well, know that I am not violent at all.

“After nearly 2 years of hell, one collapsed trial in January and a 5 day trial this week, I’m happy the jury made the correct decision and I was rightly found not guilty and acquitted of all charges.

I can now finally get on with my life with my kids and girlfriend and put all this behind me.”