Events Betting Fans Go Crazy For

As long as fans have gone crazy for the thrill of a sporting event, there have been bookies making fortunes from people wanting to get in on the action for themselves. Sports betting is one, if not the, most popular form of betting in the world today and has not only led to the industry making billions for itself but has increased the popularity of many famous events. But, for those of you that love to place a bet and want to do so at the best sporting games, matches and races, here are a few events that betting fans go crazy for, all over the world. 

Grand National 

When it comes to horse racing, no matter where in the world you are, I’m sure all fans have heard of the Grand National races, held in Aintree, Liverpool annually for over 180-years. Each year the events are watched by around 600 million people from across the globe and this lead to an estimate of £250 million generated on bets alone. 

Free bets at BetVictor is a bettors paradise and are at the fingertips of fans and over 20 different races taking place across the three days of the event. Not only are there many different races for the spectators to place a wager on but the excitement is made even more of a thrill as the race is known for its notoriously difficult track which puts its competitors through its paces, with 4 and a half-mile track which includes a total of 30 fences to clear across the two laps. 

The Super-Bowl

American football is a beloved sport across the world, but no NFL event is more anticipated that the annual Super-Bowl in which the season champion is crowned. Millions of people watch the game from all across the globe and lead to an average of just under $7 billion being generated from wagers alone. 

The game is the highlight of many fans’ year and it is taken very seriously by many spectators, but others watch the game for the great atmosphere, the unmissable half-time show and of course the great opportunity to make some money on the sport they love. 

The FIFA World Cup 

When it comes to sport, none is more loved and adored than football itself, it is undeniable the most popular sport in the world and its events draw in more people than any other in the world and the World Cup especially. It is said that the game of football is responsible for 70% of all of the sport betting industries revenue and the World Cup is a big contributor to this as in 2018, the event led to €136 billion being placed on bets. 

Its no surprise that the event is so wildly popular with sports bettors as the sports fans base is unmatched and the worldwide event gives fans from all over the world to enjoy the games and support their country in the sport. The event is held every four years and offers different cities the chance the host and reap the benefits for its fans and economy and the games bring in spectators from all over.