By: Aimee O’Callaghan

We are being advised of emerging thefts of vehicle exhausts in the Southport and surrounding areas.

It now appears that the exhaust systems on vehicles, which contains the Catalytic Converter….the very expensive bit…are being taken by thieves through the night.

The Police systems are linking the thefts as an emerging pattern and two males have been sighted by members of the public in the vicinity of the thefts. This affects both private and business vehicles.

You will need to ensure your vehicles are safe overnight as these DPF and Catalytic units on Mercedes and Ivecos, as an example, can cost £1500 to replace.

There are many Catalytic converter ‘anti theft’ devices on the market that work very well and are easy to install.

We are aware of a similar issue a few years ago where thieves were taking the Turbo’s from Transits as well.

Any sightings please contact us, by e-mail or our SUBMIT A TIP section or speak to Southport Police on 0151 777 3442


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