Emergency services at Southport beach rescue unwell man

Emergency services at Southport beach rescue unwell man.

The air ambulance has been called to Southport for the second time in a week after a man enjoying the weekend sunshine on Southport beach took ill (Sunday 18 June).

Paramedics and emergency services rushed to the scene around half a mile out to sea from the pier wall where the male was treated for what was suspected to be dehydration and sun stroke.

A warning had been issued earlier this weekend by the Met Office asking people to make sure they were well prepared for the heatwave which has seen Merseyside, and Sefton in particular, enjoy scorching sun.

The male was treated at the scene and he was assisted back to shore following his collapse.

An eye witness praised the swift response of the emergency services team who reached the male despite the difficulties in accessing that part of the beach.