Local Antique Dealer, better known to millions as ‘The Antiques Man’ or ‘Vanman’ sent in the this email below praising staff at Southport Recycling Centre at Kew, Southport.
It reads…..
The Tip, as used to call it is not the place I usually visit as I am in the antique trade and everything I deal in gets recycled. The Antique trade is probably the most GREEN business on the planet.
Back to my visit.
I arrived in my estate car with a load of 25 year old carpet from my house. On arrival I asked the gate man where do I dump the carpet. He called me Sir and told me what bay to use. As soon as I stopped the car a second man pleasantly asked me did I need help to unload, so we both lifted the carpets into a skip. I thought the reason for offering to help was to gain a tip (money). So I offered the man some money for his help. He smiled and instantly said it was against company policy.
I wondered if this pleasantness was a one off, workers being nice to the public because I had the impression before visiting the Recycling Center (TIP) that they got bad press from people.
The next day, Saturday I revisited the Center with my old washing machine that had given me 25 years service. It was a HOTPOINT before any one PM’s me.:D
On arrival I again stopped at the Gate hut to ask were to dump the washing machine, the man said ” no carpets today SIR ” with a big grin on his face, he then told me were to dump the washing machine.
On arrival at the bay another man came strait over and offered his help to take the washing machine out of the estate car.
What friendly service. from a group of nice lads.
I think these lads should get a mention so I have decided to send OTS NEWS this EMAIL.
John Nolan
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