Email to OTS Editor “Criminal damage over parking spaces” Southport

For the past 3 months a Southport resident who wanted to stay anonymous has been subject to four separate accounts of criminal damage towards his property and also threatened with a knife on his own door threshold.

All the damage and threatening behaviour has been reported to the local police department but to date no action has been taken as they are witness less crimes.

So far the cost of the damage to the person in question is in the excess of £300 and he fears there is more to come unless the police step in and act.

Regarding the knife incident he now feels threatened and is scared to step out of his own home whilst the perpetrators swan about with no cares.

The police have told him to purchase CCTV but again there’s a cost and he didn’t need until this family moved in.

The trouble started once a Polish family moved in the block of flats where he lives, the sad thing is they are only tenants where as he owns his property and has an interest in maintaining it.

The person at the receiving end of this criminal damage said: “I’m at a dead end at present due to the lack of support and action from the police, it makes me feel like I should be vandalising there property to get back at them but then I would be no better than them and probably end up in trouble with the police myself.

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