A local resident who has an elderly relative living in HomeChase House retirement home in Southport has contacted OTS News.co.uk regarding the lift being out of action for approx 3 months.

He has contacted the agents regarding this issue but his request to have the lift mended seems to be falling on deaf ears.

HomeChase House, in Chase Close, Birkdale, managed by Peverel Retirement is occupied by elderly people on three floors.

They have been waiting for approx 3 months for the lift to be repaired. There have been promises that it will be repaired, the latest is that it will now be in December.

However several elderly residents have been flat-bound for many weeks. They can neither leave the building nor visit the ground-floor communal lounge.

The communal activity is often the only way some residents can meet other people and is part of the reason they bought apartments in this otherwise pleasant building.

However residents on floors 1 and 2 of Homechase House feel that they have been let down badly by Peveril Retirement and, despite the efforts of the House Manager, see no immediate resolution.

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