Eight Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Is a Must for Small Business

8th August 2021

Most small businesses with a limited budget are always careful when it comes to investing in marketing strategies. As they have a lower budget, spending and getting the most of their money is their ultimate objective.

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Study after study suggests that social media marketing is one of the most influential and cost-efficient strategies businesses can use to reach a new audience and boost sales. Almost every marketer uses social media to reach their audience.

Here are the eight most convincing reasons why the social media market is a must for every business, especially small businesses.

#1: Social media marketing increases brand recognition

There is no denying that social media plays a phenomenal role in improving visibility and thus expanding brand recognition. Therefore, many startups employ a quick fix and buy an audience for various social platforms like they buy Instagram followers, Twitter Followers, Facebook likes or more.

Curating aesthetically pleasing social media handles is vital because a brand’s social media account presents the brand’s personality. Doing this doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive. You can create stunning graphics that captivate your audience, while sticking with an aesthetically pleasing theme on your social profiles, easily and quickly through the use of online design tools such as PosterMyWall, which provides easy-to-customize social media templates. By posting compelling and business-related content that can add value for your target audience, you actually make the brand more accessible and prominent for the new leads and current customers.

#2: Social media increase customer loyalty

Big-budget companies can afford loyalty programs, and small businesses can’t; they have to rely on other affordable programs for building loyalty.

Study after study like the one conducted at Texas Tech University suggests that social media effectively increases customer satisfaction and loyalty over time. Which means you can stand out from the competitors and build a stronger relationship with the customer that eventually leads towards more sales or business ROI.

#3: It helps you connect with customers that you hardly knew, existed

Many big brands like Appetite Creative count upon search engine optimization, PPC to find and engage with new leads – neglecting that marketing through social media channels is an excellent way to bring a flux of new visitors. Recommendations or reviews go a long way in assisting brands in connecting with new customers, the customers you did not know existed. Therefore, we suggest companies to use social media to tap into new audiences or market.

#4: Marketing in social media allows you to gain new customer insight

One more important factor of why small businesses should use marketing to expand reach is that it allows you to gain new insight into the customer. When you interact with existing customers, it gives you valuable information about things your potential customers are more likely to know beforehand. On the flip side, many companies purchase Instagram followers or the audience for any other platform, be it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or more to uplift the brand awareness.

Studies suggest through social listening. You will understand the top concerns of your customer while purchasing the item and what change you can bring to enhance customer satisfaction.

#5: Consumers are more into recommendations on social media

Have you heard about word-of-mouth marketing? It is the most powerful that any successful company will have in their marketing toolbox. It is an excellent process of building trust with new leads – therefore, brands encourage customers to leave feedback on their social profiles. Some brands may offer discounts or vouchers if their existing customer recommends their brand to family or friends. Surprisingly, the tactics work excellently as over 72% of customers trust on online reviews and just read the testimonial before making a final purchase.

#6: Social media marketing has higher conversion rates

As per HubSpot, social media marketing can lead to a 100% higher lead to close rate than outbound marketing tactics. How? Because every post you publish and each engagement you can gain on social media provides you an opportunity to transform an interested lead into a loyal customer. By doing so, the brand can improve its credibility, which eventually leads to higher conversion rates.

#7: Social media marketing improves search engine rankings

Are you concerned about improving your SEO ranking? Social media marketing can assist you in this; how? You can use social media as a factor in ranking; when people like you more on social media they are also likely to search you on google, which signals Google’s algorithm that your brand is valuable, credible and trustworthy. This is why Google or any other search engine platforms will improve your SEO ranking.

#8: Social media marketing is cost-effective

One of the most obvious benefits of social media is eliminating the marketing cost without sacrificing the end goals. Social media outcome is achieved through the time and effort you put on the various platforms to spread your brand message. Different studies suggest spending some hours on social media can help you bring a satisfying outcome.  As per HubSpot, spending as little as 6 hours a week on social media can generate massive traffic.