EFT Systems Showcase Apprenticeships at St Margaret’s School

28th April 2019
EFT were there to show how the life safety systems that we install and maintain would kick in to action should there be a meteorite attack whilst showcasing the different aspects of an engineers day to day life to help expose young people to different types of future careers through practical experience.
A really educational and fun day for everyone, we had some really positive feedback from some of the children:Lloyd says: “My favourite part was EFT Systems. I want to challenge myself to extend my career. It was curious, helpful and unique!”Another pupil added: “My favourite part was EFT, they were very fun.”
The aim of the day is to promote Higher Education opportunities and different careers. The activity will show how integral HE study can be in our day to day life, the opportunities that are available and how it is embedded/the starting point across so many different professions and day to day occurrences.
By seeing how essential these courses of study are and the impact it can have, we can raise aspiration. Our activity will also expose young people to a variety of inspirational business role models and employability opportunities.
We will be able to motivate and raise aspirations through real-life employment and life opportunities.The event is focused on STEM related opportunities.  The day also hits a number of the Gatsby Benchmarks such as benchmark 4, 5 and 7.We ‘faked’ a Meteorite Landing in the school grounds and made a real fuss in the morning (think cornered off areas, fake smoke, people in white overalls).  The rest of the day consists of a carousel of STEM based workshops that are related to this.  They will be hour long sessions that are hands on but then highlighting the HE opportunities and careers that can come from this. We have everything from 1st Aid, medics on scene, structural engineer looking at the impact to the building, a planetarium for the students to learn more about space and a session on risk and critical incidents.