Sefton school pupils have been learning about the importance of not being distracted when crossing the road.

The visits, run by Sefton Council’s Travel Awareness and Road Safety team, highlighted how children’s concentration is affected when using a mobile phone or listening to music.

A futuristic electric vehicle showed youngsters how new hybrid and electric cars make very little noise – meaning it is more important than ever to look before crossing.

The ‘Mia’ electric van, on loan from France, also demonstrated how clean and environmentally-friendly this new type of transport is.

Joe Morris, from the Travel Awareness and Road Safety team, said: “The demonstration has been very useful to show the children that in future, when there are more electric and hybrid vehicles around, they must be more vigilant when crossing the road as they may not be able to hear them.

“Wearing headphones listening to music near the road puts people at greater risk and if we can make people aware of this at a young age, then hopefully this will prevent accidents and save lives in years to come.”

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