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Eat Elite Southport – Professional Nutrition

At a couple of years old and with a new café recently opened, Eat Elite is­ now a well-established healthy meal delivery service. Founded by Sports Scientist and Advanced Nutritionist Kieran Congdon, Eat Elite focuses on providing high-level personalised meals. Whether your goal is to lose fat, gain muscle, or increase performance, meals hit all your body’s specific nutritional needs.

How Eat Elite was born

As a personal trainer, Kieran had a client who struggled with his diet. Frustrated with his lack of progress, his client suggested he hire a personal chef to cook his meals.

But Kieran had a better idea. What if he cooked his client’s meals? That way he could tailor meals to fit specific training goals and keep track of exactly what his client ate. So they decided to try it out.

A few weeks later Kieran’s client had never looked or felt better. And once Kieran’s other clients got wind of this specialised service, they all wanted it. Before he knew it, Kieran was spending more time in the kitchen than the gym.

With an obvious demand for tailor-made healthy meals, Kieran got some professional help and has a team of experienced chefs that in the past has included one that cooked for football players from big-name teams like Real Madrid, Manchester United, and Liverpool.

Together, Kieran and his team of chefs have developed a professional-level healthy meal delivery service. Eat Elite Professional Nutrition was born.

What Eat Elite offers

Eat Elite offers four different plans, each with their own focus:

  • Fat loss plan
  • Muscle building and toning plan
  • Increased performance plan
  • Macronutrient tracking plan

When you sign up for a plan, you’ll receive a one-to-one consultation where a personal adviser will create a personalised meal plan for you.

Each plan offers you:

  • A choice of 2-5 meals per day for 5-7 days a week.
  • Meal delivery 3 times week (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday).
  • A selection of 108 different meals including meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, herbs, and spices.
  • Fresh food – no frozen meals.
  • Tailored food choices. Get rid of anything you don’t like and specify any dietary requirements (e.g. vegan/vegetarian, halal, or allergies).
  • Meals are reasonably priced at £7.29 each.

Proper nutrition

The great thing about Eat Elite is that it focuses on proper nutrition. Instead of following trends or the most recent fad, Eat Elite grounds itself in the idea of giving your body what it actually needs to thrive. This means making sure your diet is varied. If you’re eating the same thing over and over again, you’re going to get bored. No matter how good or tasty it is. So Eat Elite makes sure there’s variety by providing over 100 different meal choices.

Kieran is also a great believer in ‘everything in moderation’. A Mars bar once in a while won’t hurt but one everyday? That’s when trouble starts. This notion of moderation combined with proper nutrition means no starving yourself if you want to lose weight, just changing your habits and making healthier food choices.

And rather than simply sell you meals, Eat Elite aims to help you make these long-term changes in your life. Every client is assigned a personal nutrition advisor that helps them to understand nutrition and make healthier food choices. Ultimately, Eat Elite wants you to start living a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable. The fastest way to do that is increase your own knowledge about nutrition and have a healthy meal delivery service tailored to your specific dietary needs.

But even better than that, Eat Elite manages to provide this service while making truly tasty food. Often when we think of healthy food we conjure up images of bland, tasteless meals. Eat Elite couldn’t be further from this. But meals don’t only taste great, they look amazing too.

And Eat Elite has proved to be popular with its clients. You can even see some real before and after pictures of clients on the website. If you ever need some motivation, you know where to look.
The thing that shines through in all aspects of Eat Elite is Kieran’s passion for health as a lifestyle. He believes in helping his clients make long-term changes that will benefit them and improve their health. He genuinely wants to help people gain knowledge about the nutrition their body needs.
So if you’re looking for a healthy meal delivery service that takes your nutrition seriously then Eat Elite is a solid option. And would you believe that Kieran’s favourite food is pizza? It looks like a balanced, healthy diet leaves room for a slice of pizza after all.
Kieran’s top tip for eating a balanced diet: increase your knowledge about nutrition by reading up online or taking a course.
Contact Eat Elite using referral code YouRCooK to receive your personalised meal plan and order meals.

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