Photo: Results from ‘The Working Mum’

Over next few weeks will be featuring results from Eat Elite clients.

Eat Elite was established in 2014 by Nutrition Specialist Kieran Congdon. His company started out by personalising people’s food, preparing, cooking it and shipping it to homes all over the UK but are now offering the same delicious food from their new premises on Hall Street, near Asda.

The Working Mum

Ellie came to us after giving birth and wanting to lose the extra fat she had gained during and after her pregnancy. With only 2 months separating the first picture and the last picture, she dropped two dress sizes, improved her energy, cleared up her skin, improved her sleep and got comfortable again being in a bikini.

How did a working mum do this?

Ellie wasn’t working out for the first month and only working out 3x per week the 2nd month. She was using weight training all 3 sessions with only 10mins of cardio after each session. Outside of the gym she was eating more food than she ever has before, giving her hormones, metabolic rate, fat loss and health a huge boost! This led Ellie getting back to being confident and comfortable again in her own skin, something that a lot of people don’t face these days.

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