Dump the Bumps

5th June 2016

The speed bump menace, time for them to go

That horrible grinding thud, many of us know the score. Although you drove very carefully over that unsightly speed bump you still heard that sickening grinding of metal or plastic under your car.

A trip to your local mechanical engineer confirms that the dreaded speed bump has ripped another chunk off your vehicle. Expensive repairs follow and the belligerent Council, who put these unwanted things in your road, is deaf and dumb to your understandable requests for compensation.

An established Southport motor engineer, Dave Elsby, was asked about damage to vehicles by speed bumps. Dave said…

“As a local independent motor engineer working in and around the Southport area for the past twelve years I have seen a significant increase in customers having damage to their vehicles, which some say is caused by speed bumps in the area. These complaints are more common in the areas of town where customers live close to places where speed bumps are more frequent. The most common damage caused is to suspension coil springs, which when broken can in turn cause damage to brake pipes and hoses, tyres and bodywork. Also damage to worn or broken suspension bushes is on the increase and can lead to increased tyre wear. Poor steering control damage has also been seen in other areas such as exhaust systems and shock absorbers.  The added cost and inconvenience of these mostly unnecessary repairs is just another nail in the coffin for the humble Southport motorist.”

DAVE ELSBY, MOTOR ENGINEER, Mobile: 07980 713661

Now that we have 20 MPH limit signs on many residential areas what logical reason is there for these damaging bumps to be left intact?

Ainsdale’s Cllr Haydn Preece is also against the bumps. He stated.

“I would like all speed bumps abolished. Drivers ride over them at their peril .They are intrusive to residents creating noise and vibration in many areas and can badly damage cars as many protrude too high. The 20 mph culture setting ‘20’s Plenty for Us ’ campaign is now our policy and this should suffice as we ALL adjust to the 20 mph traffic measures in areas that have been designated.”

Cllr Preece continued…

“Let’s have a positive attitude and abolish speed bumps that are all over our town, I’m definitely against all of the ones placed in Ainsdale.”

Common sense would seem to dictate that the speed bumps must go ASAP.

See also this RAC thread regarding compensation over speed bump damage


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